Live Music and Quiz Fundraiser

We are super excited to announce a fundraising event to provide funds for “Braunstone to Paris 2018”.

We have plans to take 6 amazing (but hugely disadvantaged) young people to Paris in May, but need you help. Please come and be a part of raising money for an amazing cause.

Saturday 24th February 2018, 7.30pm, Church of the Martyrs Hall, LE3 0QT
There will be live music from the beautiful Tales from the Hills, a quiz, drinks and snacks.

Come along and enjoy some tunes, answer some questions and raise some money for some wonderful kids a live changing experience!

For more on the band:

Tickets £5 (£6 on the door)
Teams will be of 5 – come in a team or come and join one.


Celebration Success!!

You will see, if you have looked, that our Celebration Event page has been updated. It was fantastic. Thanks to everyone who came along, and really got involved in the murder mystery. It was great to share our vision with so many people, and to know you are supporting our work.

We are so pleased to share that the event raised £501, through tickets donations and the sale of raffle tickets. Plans are a foot for what next year will look like. In the mean time, stay in touch, we are taking some kids to Paris!!

Celebration time

We are properly excited to be able to invite you to our first celebration evening. There is more information available if you click on ‘celebration event’ in the menu above.

It is going to be great. We hope to have fun and raise money!



It’s official!

After a few months of processing we are officially a charity. We have a number and everything.

The process involved me (James) and Naoimh meeting up in Belfast to eat drink and write a constitution. It is a long and fairly boring document that lays out how we will manage to charity. To complete this process we had to get Olly to sign a form and post it to us to sign and attach to the application. Olly, true to form (we would expect nothing less) did not rush himself.

Thanks here goes to Jo (Olly’s wife) who finally put it in the post!

We thought we would wait weeks for a reply to our application, and there was a lot of anticipation, but we were wrong. It took 1 working day – who said the government was not efficient – and with one slight amendment we have our number:


Now the process of applying to some trusts for money begins. We are so excited about the vision for our work, and we very much hope there are some people who money to help us with the adventure.

These kids we want to help are incredible. They have the chance to fly in their lives, but situations mean the chances of that are slim (the statistics are pretty damning). We hope to be part of that change.

Today is a big day in our journey. We will keep you in touch as we travel to broaden horizons together.