Braunstone to Paris

Our first project is a big one. We want to take 10 young people to Paris* at not cost to them. This experience would change their life, we know it. The Broader View wants to widen the world of these disadvantaged children, giving them fresh reason to strive for more in life. This would be a life changing trip for these children, changing their perspective of the world, and letting them see there is so much more than their estate.




*This project was previously to take the young people to Berlin. We know that both cities would be life changing for the children, but we have changed our destination. Originally, in 2015, we planned to go to Pairs, until the tragic events in November of that year, during our preparation. Since we were unable to secure the necessary funds to go there last year, we have gone back to our original plan. The events, although still fresh in many memories, will no longer be a barrier to parents allowing their children to travel to Paris.

Travelling to Paris will reduce the cost of the trip, and allow us to use the fabulous Eurostar train which will be an incredible part of the experience for the young people.

Thanks to all the people who have supported our vision so far. We trust you will understand our change of location.